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taglio capelli le tendenze 2024

Hair trends for 2024

Every year brings with it lots of news, good intentions and new trends. When it comes to hair fashion, there is no shortage of anticipations and new ideas for 2024: starting with haircuts! Let's take a look together at the…

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i profumi per i capelli

The new trend: hair fragrances

Recently, the hair fragrance category has been growing more and more. Many brands have created their own exclusive hair fragrance. According to the New York-based trend agency Spate, searches for hair fragrances on Tik Tok have increased by 35%. Young…

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di cosa sono fatti i nostri capelli

What hair is made of

What and how is hair? It seems like a simple, easy-to-answer question, but let us better understand technically their structure, hair anatomy, composition and characteristics. The structure of the hair: hair anatomy Hair, technically hair, is located inside the hair…

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il curly method

Discover the Curly Method

You hear more and more about the Curly Method: it sounds like a very complicated hair treatment, but in reality it is very simple, it is just a matter of following a few little tricks to achieve defined curls. Let's…

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come curare la barba

How to take care of your beard

Now more than ever, taking care of your beard has become a must, and Barber Shops are on the increase. Gone are the days when beards were considered sloppy and unkempt, today the beard is synonymous with style and sophistication,…

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come eliminare la forfora

Dandruff: how to get rid of it?

Whether dry or oily, dandruff is always a major nuisance, an annoying blemish and is often a major discomfort. Despite all this, it is a common problem for many people. One of the main wishes is to get rid of…

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