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The curly or straight nature of the hair is determined by the shape of the bulb: the more cylindrical it is, the straighter the hair grows, the more it is flattened, the more the hair will curl. Naturally curly hair tends to be more brittle than straight hair. It is more susceptible to moisture because it is more porous and naturally drier. Therefore, the hair needs more hydration and nourishment.

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| Types of curly hair

The first step to have beautiful hair is to understand which category your curls belong to. They are divided into three macro-categories defined by an international nomenclature 2,3,4. Number 1 refers to straight hair, 2 corresponds to a wavy curl, type 3 refers to the classic spiral curl closure, 4 is typically afro hair. Each number is accompanied by a letter A, B, C. These indicate hair thickness, starting from the thinnest (type A) to the thickest (type C).

With type 2 light curls the ideal routine involves the use of a volumizing shampoo, followed by a light mask and a mousse. For a defined type 3 curl, the curly hair treatment always includes a shampoo and a mask, but it is good to finish with a defining styling cream. Type 4 afro curls are not easy to take care of, the important thing is to maintain good hydration and avoid too aggressive styling.

| How to style and care for curly hair

First of all, curly hair should never be combed dry because this breaks the curl causing a frizz effect. To best care for curly hair, it should be combed wet with a wide tooth comb. To dry curly hair, do not rub it, but gently pat it dry with a towel. Drying is essential to style curly hair: use the diffuser and adjust the hot air to a low intensity. Dry the lengths a little and leave the ends damp to prevent it from going frizzy. Never comb your hair after drying. Finally, the shape of the haircut is essential to obtain a more defined and lasting curl.

| dott. solari cosmetics curly hair treatment

Dott. solari offers a real ritual for curly hair with the disciplining Glam line. It is advisable to always start with a good cleansing with the specific shampoo, then continue with the mask and finally the curly cream, which is essential before drying. For the final touch you can find the products for curly hair in the styling line. These products are useful for maintaining the final shape, volume and shine. In the #style line you can find Oil non Oil and mousse to complete your beauty routine!

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