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| Seborrhea and greasy hair

As we have seen, greasy hair is the consequence of a condition called seborrhea, which is the excessive production of sebum.

The hair root is located about 5mm below the dermis and shares the follicle that houses it with the sebaceous gland. Sebaceous glands are responsible for the production of sebum and, for a variety of causes, can increase the amount of sebum produced, creating an excess of production.

Grease treatments help reduce sebum production and normalize the scalp, restoring its normal condition.
These are the characteristics of greasy hair:

  • oily and dull appearance
  • difficulty in maintaining hair style
  • easy to get dirty all the time
  • the hair has a bad odor
  • unpleasant sensation of dirty skin
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| Products and remedies for greasy hair

Great care must be taken when choosing the best shampoo for greasy hair, preferring a delicate shampoo that can perform a rebalancing action on the scalp. It is also important to use an astringent mask, usually clay-based, with a purifying effect that relieves the unpleasant sensation of dirt and grease. However, it is necessary to thoroughly clean and sanitize the scalp before applying treatments for greasy hair.
It is also essential to pay attention to how to wash greasy hair. Here are some tricks:

  • increase the frequency of washes to clean and free the scalp from excess sebum, allowing the scalp to “breathe”;
  • practice a scalp massage before shampooing;
  • use lukewarm water and apply the shampoo starting from the nape of the neck, making circular movements to facilitate absorption;
  • dab the hair after washing;
  • dry avoiding too high temperatures and use the hair dryer at a suitable distance.

| Greasy hair treatments

We recommend the use of the Phitocomplex sanitizing preparation to thoroughly cleanse the follicles and prepare the scalp for subsequent treatments.

The Phitocomplex normalizing line is the complete treatment for greasy hair. The bio-essence, the shampoo and the mask contain green clay, lemon extract and Sicilian orange and palmarosa essential oils able to eliminate excess sebum and control its reformation, normalizing hypersecretion.
Their correct use, designed precisely as a complete treatment, also leads to better hair growth and a reduction in the number of washes.

The normalizing shampoo with double action contains Quinoa and is more delicate on the lengths, giving body and acting at the same time on the scalp. It is suitable for people, especially girls, with oily skin but with brittle hair.

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