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Anti-yellow products were created to counteract unwanted shades and highlights on dyed or bleached hair. When blond or white hair tends to get yellow, it means that it is starting to lose its brilliant color, becoming dull. This process is completely normal and can be accelerated by external factors such as atmospheric agents.

| Anti-yellow products

Anti-yellow products take advantage of the properties and principles of complementary colors, using purple pigments to bring out cooler tones: on the color scale, yellow and purple are two complementary colors.
Anti-yellow products are a must-have for bleached hair, but they are also used for balayage, shatush and other lightening treatments. Not to forget that they are also optimal for natural white or gray hair.

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| Anti-yellow shampoo and mask

The Silver anti-yellow shampoo eliminates unwanted yellow and orange highlights from dyed or bleached hair. It also neutralizes the yellowing of naturally gray or white hair. It cleanses and brightens hair with its formula enriched with Argan oil and Luminescine.

Our anti-yellow mask called “The color mask”, preserves the brightness and cool tone of the natural or dyed color. Like the shampoo, it eliminates unwanted yellow or orange highlights from dyed or bleached hair. It is also ideal on natural white or gray hair to avoid yellowish shades.

| The products that dott. solari recommends for this type of need

| How to use the anti-yellow shampoo

The use of the anti-yellow shampoo is very simple: it is used like any other cleansing shampoo. It should be distributed evenly over wet hair, massaging gently. Leave the shampoo on for a few minutes, so that the purple pigments can act on the hair, neutralizing the yellowish tones. Finally, rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

The anti-yellow shampoo should be used consistently, but once a week is sufficient. The use of this product should be alternated with a shampoo for colored or damaged hair. The frequency of use is not as important as its developing time. To enhance its anti-yellow action, it can be combined with the colored anti-yellow mask, which has the same neutralizing power.

| How to use the anti-yellow mask

Before applying the anti-yellow mask, wash your hair and pat it dry. If necessary, put on a pair of disposable gloves and apply the product to the entire hair or only in the areas of interest. Massage lengths and ends and comb. Leave on for 3 to 25 minutes depending on desired intensity. Rinse thoroughly and proceed with styling.

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