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Children’s hair is very delicate and it is good to start taking care of it right away. In newborns, hair is temporary, in fact it then falls out and is replaced by the definitive one. It is initially very thin, but it progressively increases in diameter.
First of all, to better care for children’s hair, it is necessary to use the utmost delicacy and choose the right products. The second rule is to take care of scalp hygiene from a very young age. Finally, it is necessary to choose the right shampoo.

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| How to wash children’s hair

It is better not to wash children’s hair too much, but as necessary according to age. Washing children’s hair too much can irritate the scalp. It is best not to use an excessive amount of shampoo and always use gentle but energetic movements. Hair should be rinsed well until all residual shampoo is eliminated. If the hair is particularly dry, you can use a not too heavy conditioner. After washing, to eliminate knots, you can choose a suitable detangler and proceed with combing and drying.

| The products that dott. solari recommends for this type of need

| Shampoo for children

The baby’s skin is delicate so choosing the right shampoo is of fundamental importance. If you choose too aggressive products you risk causing irritation to the scalp. It is better to choose products specially designed to respect the scalp, but also the face and eyes of the child, that is softening shampoos with a delicate pH.

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