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Hair reconstruction allows you to rebuild the internal and external part of the hair and the results last over time. In fact, balms and creams often work on the most superficial part, while the reconstruction treatments restore the hair by providing similar and complementary substances that allow to repair the hair fiber in depth.
Reconstruction products are necessary when the hair is damaged due to mechanical and physical aggression (excessive use of straighteners and hairdryers or chemical treatments such as too aggressive bleaching), atmospheric agents and pollutants (sun, chlorine, salt, smog) and stressful lifestyle or poor diet.
In fact, the hair is a delicate organ: in it there are saline and disulfide bridges which together with keratin create numerous but fragile bonds. Following, for example, mechanical or chemical aggression the disulfide bridges break, the keratin decreases and the hair is dull and not very bright.

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| Hair reconstruction methods

Hair reconstruction methods can be superficial or deep. The former include reconstruction treatments based on collagen and keratin which repair the hair by infusing the molecules on the surface and making it bright and well nourished. The deep reconstruction treatments, on the other hand, act on the disulfide and salt bridges by acting on the internal structure and regenerating the hair fiber.

| Types of hair reconstruction

There are different types of reconstruction products and we can divide them according to the active ingredients used.

  • Based on hyaluronic acid: it is the best treatment against dry hair, with a lifting effect. It allows to nourish, hydrate and give brightness to the hair. The effects are long lasting because the molecule penetrates to the heart of the hair fiber.
  • Based on collagen: it is the real filler treatment. Collagen has a fortifying function and deeply hydrates the hair which will return to being shiny again.
  • Based on keratin: it is perhaps one of the best known, but it should not be confused with the straightening keratin treatment. Keratin is a protein naturally present in the hair. The keratin reconstruction treatment gives body and elasticity while improving the hair quality.

| dott. solari cosmetics hair reconstruction

Dott. solari hair reconstruction is based on a particular type of hyaluronic acid – Hyamagic 4D™ – with a different molecular weight, so as to create a three-dimensional network inside the hair, improving its resistance and elasticity. It also contains cashmere extract, made up mainly of keratin with a very high affinity with the hair fiber.
You can reconstruct your hair in the salon with the “New life” treatment using the R-Power product or “New shine” with reconstruction vials. You can also maintain and enhance the reconstruction at home with shampoos, conditioners, masks and boosters.

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