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| Discoloration process

The bleaching process allows the natural red and yellow-brown pigments to be solubilized or to transform them into lighter colors. The process takes place through the use of oxidizing agents, with a pH between 8.5 and 9.5. The most common oxidants range from 10 to 40 volumes; if your hair is already light, you can choose 10 or 20 volume hydrogen peroxide. For dark hair you need to opt for 30 or 40 volumes.
Obviously very dark hair is more difficult to bleach or needs more bleaching to achieve the desired tone. A too aggressive treatment could cause irreversible deterioration, damaging the matrix of the hair shaft.

Decoloranti dott solari

| Bleaching: what is it?

Bleaching is a technique that allows to lighten the hair, modifying the base color, whether natural or treated, by several shades. It is always advisable for this type of treatment to contact a professional hairdresser who will be able to advise on the choice of the suitable color and will be able to use the bleaching products in the best way possible. After the use of these products, moisturizing products are generally applied with an acid pH to exert a restorative and protective action and bring the pH of the hair back to a physiological level, favoring the closure of the cuticles.

| Bleaching products

Generally, powder bleaches are mixed with the oxidizer at the time of use. Bleaches can be with or without ammonia and enriched with particular complexes (plex effect), such as Polyamino sugar condensate, a high-performance conditioner with a hygroscopic – capable of retaining water – and film-forming effect. Thanks to its action, the hair is hydrated and protected from chemical agents that can attack it.

| How to bleach your hair without damaging it

It is good not to exaggerate with the dosage of hydrogen peroxide and with the developing time to immediately obtain a light color. You have to be patient and do more bleaching processes to avoid damaging the hair too much. It is also advisable to always nourish it with the most suitable hair products to prevent it from getting dry and frizzy.
After the bleaching treatment, it is advisable to use a shampoo with purple pigments – anti-yellow or silver shampoo – which helps counteract unwanted yellow effects.

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