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| What is dandruff?

A healthy scalp is elastic and soft to the touch, the color is pink and, in any case, similar to the color of the skin, depending on the ethnicity.
Among the various anomalies of the scalp we can find dandruff.

Dandruff is a cell replacement process. If this process undergoes a dysfunction, the balance of the scalp is altered and it expels more cells in the form of flakes, causing a phenomenon called dandruff. Dandruff is often accompanied by severe itching of the scalp and the main symptom is peeling skin.

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| Dry dandruff and greasy dandruff

There are two types of dandruff.

Dry dandruff

The main cause of dry dandruff is a lack of hydration in the scalp. You can recognize it because, being light, it settles in the hair and sometimes on the clothes: the unsightly effect is evident.

Greasy dandruff

It is due to an excess of sebum (seborrhea). Greasy hair is in fact the consequence of this scalp problem. Seborrhea is sometimes also associated with the alteration of sebum quality which becomes more fluid. As a result, the scalp appears oily and moist, giving off a bad smell. Hair appears weighed down and gets dirty easily. Greasy dandruff is therefore recognizable because it sticks to the scalp.

| How does dandruff form?

Dandruff may originate from various causes. In particular, it is necessary to distinguish between:

Physiological dandruff

It is the normal scaling of the scalp that loses small fragments, due to the replacement of the stratum corneum that is the most superficial layer, which scales regularly.

Occasional dandruff

It can originate from pathogenic microorganisms that cause infections, from incorrect hygiene treatments or from aggressive mechanical treatments.

Pathological dandruff

It is caused by the biological imbalance of the hydrolipidic and protein film.

| How to prevent the formation of dandruff

To prevent the formation of dandruff it is advisable to follow a correct diet or a low-fat diet. At the same time, it is better to reduce alcohol consumption and smoking, avoid prolonged stressful situations and do physical activity. Cleansing and daily hygiene of the scalp are also important factors.

How to get rid of dandruff: anti-dandruff remedies

It is essential to treat the anomaly with specific anti-dandruff products designed to restore the natural balance of the scalp. Anti-dandruff treatments can be a good remedy to counteract it and to avoid those annoying beauty problems and disorders due to its formation.

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