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For many women, having straight hair is an essential condition. The use of the straightener is not the only technique, but there are several steps that can be taken to have a smooth, shiny, healthy and tidy appearance.

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| How to get straight hair

It is not always necessary to use the straightener to get straight hair. Obviously for a very smooth result, the straightener is the most popular technique. Its excessive use, however, and the excessive temperature, could damage the outer protective film of the hair that protects it from environmental agents. Hair damaged by straightening tends to break more easily and become dry and parched.

It is therefore better to learn a few tricks to get straight hair without the use of the straightener or at least using it a little, about once a week. If you air dry your hair it is difficult to maintain a straight result: it is better to use the hair dryer correctly. The best way to use it is to use a round brush, proceeding strand by strand. The brush must always follow the movements of the hair dryer from roots to ends.
For a soft hairstyle you can also use hair curlers.

| Products for straight hair

Whatever technique is used, it is essential to choose the right products that help to straighten and protect the hair. Remember that you can ask the salon for a keratin straightening treatment, which allows the hair to be straightened from the inside, moisturizes it deeply, making it shiny and facilitating styling.

To get straight hair even at home, you can use the straight hair products from our Glam line. The Glam line contains Keratin, the main component of the hair, and Luminescine. Remember that Luminescine is a patented molecule that is based on the photoluminescence of mullein flowers and is able to give shine and brightness to the hair. The Glam line then as well as being a real treatment for straight hair, also restores brightness to the hair.

Always start with the straight hair shampoo to make the hair softer. After shampooing, apply the Glam mask, to be used preferably on the ends and lengths, but not too close to the scalp to avoid the risk of weighing hair down. Finally, the straightening hair cream is essential before drying to achieve a perfect straightening, with long-lasting and professional results. It should be distributed evenly on wet hair before drying. It makes hair silky and shiny, reduces styling time by protecting against heat and is excellent as an anti-frizz product.

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