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Hair products are a very important sector of cosmetics. It is possible to broadly divide this large sector into categories according to their function.

| Cleansing products

Cleansing is an act of hygiene that is carried out daily both for health reasons, as an act of pleasure, self-respect and respect for the others. The goal is to remove the so-called “dirt”. This “dirt” can be exogenous, which derives from environmental contamination, or endogenous, which is instead represented by tissue debris and sebaceous secretions.

The shampoo obviously aims to remove dirt and excess sebaceous secretion from hair and scalp. The conditioner is a very important hair product to complete the act of cleansing and treating the hair. In fact, it binds to the keratins of the hair shaft “conditioning” it, which means that it creates a protective film around it.

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| Coloring products

Hair coloring products are very popular. From being products that were used only as “covering” for white or gray hair, they have become essential to modify one’s appearance.
There are two different types of mechanisms for hair coloring:

  • direct coloring, generally based on large molecules that are deposited on the external part of the hair shaft.
  • oxidation coloring: precursors of dyes which, by reacting with oxidizing agents, form colorants inside the hair shaft.

Hair coloring products can also be divided into: permanent, semi-permanent or temporary.

| Perm products

Perm is a process that uses chemicals to break and reform the disulfide bonds of the hair shaft keratin. They work by permanently altering the internal structure of the hair. The products used to make the perm are two: the waving and the fixing products.

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| Treating products

These are all products related to treatments, that is the need to prevent and treat the problem of hair loss, but also all the other possible generic hair and scalp alterations (from dandruff to seborrhea, from damaged hair to split ends, etc.).

| Styling products

The so called “styling” hair products include all those products that are applied to improve the hairstyle, such as gel, mousse, cream, etc., to “flat iron” and keep curly hair in good shape and to style and retain the correct level of moisture in the hair. They can be divided into products with or without rinsing.

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