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| Dull hair: a rather common problem

Dull hair is a very common problem among both men and women of all ages. The main desire of people with dull hair is to make it shiny and to illuminate it, obtaining a bright natural or cosmetic color.

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| Causes of dull hair

The causes that make hair dry and dull are many and can be attributed to various factors. First of all, the sebaceous glands: if they do not produce enough sebum, they cause the hair to dry and lose its shine. An unbalanced diet can be another factor, especially iron deficiency. It is necessary to vary the diet with food that contains vitamin B. Furthermore, the hair absorbs the atmospheric humidity and this modifies its pH causing the scales to open and to consequently lose its shine. Other atmospheric causes such as sun exposure or micropollutants can have an impact on the hair shine, lightening and discoloring it. If the water used during washing contains too much limestone, it tends to dull the hair. The use of too aggressive shampoos or treatments can be another cause, as well as the incorrect use of hair dryers and hair straighteners.

| Products and remedies for dull hair

As we have seen, there are many causes that can lead to loss of shine and consequently to dull hair. How can this be remedied?
There are many small actions for daily hair care that help keep the hair shiny, hydrated and soft. First of all it is essential to choose the right products: prefer an illuminating and delicate shampoo and conditioner, better if based on keratin, collagen and silk proteins. Always apply a conditioner to facilitate combing. Furthermore, the application of a nourishing mask at least once a week is certainly necessary. A great way to bring your hair back to life is to trim it and reinforce the ends and lengths. Another precaution is to gently brush the hair always starting from the ends and then going up to the root. This is to avoid breaking the hair fiber. Also prefer rinsing with cold or warm water, rather than hot water, which will make your hair stronger. Finally, remember that a healthy and correct diet is of fundamental importance for hair health.

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