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The hair has very important characteristics and physical properties:

  • it is elastic: it is able to withstand momentary deformations and then return to its original shape
  • it is resistant: it can withstand heavy weights before breaking
  • it is porous: it can absorb chemical treatments, water, smoke and other substances
  • it has electrical properties: it accumulates static electricity and releases electrical charges by simple friction
  • it is shiny: it reflects light well

Hair properties can be altered and lead to brittle and damaged hair. When the hair is healthy, in fact, the cuticle is intact, the hair is shiny, elastic, easy to comb and the ends are not damaged.

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| What does damaged or ruined hair look like?

  • Rough and porous hair: the cuticle scales are raised or absent. The hair is rough, dull and difficult to comb.
  • Weak hair: the protein structure of keratin is altered and the hair becomes brittle.
  • Hair with split ends: Trichoptilosis appears when there are longitudinal cracks that separate the hair shaft into two parts. The hair can also have frayed ends, in this case we talk about Trichoclasis.
  • Twisted hair: the hair becomes thinner along the shaft and the break occurs where the hair is thinnest. The hair end gets the shape of a pencil tip.
  • Trichorrhexis nodosa: it is one of the most common alterations of the shaft. Hair is damaged by cuticle and cortex swellings. It loses its natural elasticity and softness and become difficult to comb.
  • Trichonodosis: it is mainly due to mechanical traumas and manifests itself with real knots that form along the hair shaft, giving it greater fragility. All this leads to hair breakage, even just combing it.

| Causes of damaged hair

The properties of the hair can be altered by excessive traction, excessive use of straighteners and hairdryers, but also the excessive use of alkali. The latter are particularly aggressive substances that enter the composition of bleaches, oxidation dyes and perm liquids. The excessive use of oxidants common in bleaches, dyes and products to keep permed hair curled can decrease the elasticity of the hair, increase its porosity, thus making it much less resistant. Finally, the use of too aggressive shampoos can make the hair rough and not very shiny.

| Professional products for damaged hair

To regain vitality and beauty, a valid remedy is constituted by treatments for damaged hair. These are mainly nourishing, restructuring and hair repair treatments that nourish damaged and weakened hair. These are mainly shampoos, conditioners, masks and vials that repair and bring hydration to the hair that has suffered damage to its internal structure and no longer appears shiny, elastic, resistant and easy to comb.

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