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The category of treatments includes all those professional hair products defined as treating. Indeed, cosmetic products must favor the hair and scalp well-being and health as much as possible.

| Scalp and hair treatments

In this category we find professional hair products specific to combat hair loss and all other skin anomalies; from anti-dandruff, anti-grease and anti-itch products, to the prevention of lice and hyperhidrosis. In particular, coadjuvant treatments for the prevention of hair loss are very useful for strengthening the trophism of the scalp. Therefore, they improve the condition of the hair and its aesthetic qualities, especially in delicate and particular conditions such as psychophysical stress or exposure to environmental factors. In the cosmetic industry, tonics and lotions are the most used products.

We can frequently find vials on the market that contain revulsive-vasodilator functional principles to reactivate the microcirculation of the scalp, soothing-decongestant principles to reduce inflammation and specific energizing principles for hair health.
For oily hair treatments we can refer to anti-grease and anti-dandruff products.

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| Hair Strengthening Treatments

Sometimes the hair is sparse and does not hold the style; in this case there are products with added substances that envelop the hair shaft, strengthening it and increasing its texture and volume.

The main substances used in these products are: essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins, amino acids etc. The other components of this formulation are very often denatured alcohol and water, in addition to the possible preservative system, and the perfume.

| Restructuring treatments for damaged or brittle hair

With regard to treatments for brittle hair, conditioners and hair masks are the most widespread solutions. These types of products (cleansing products) are conditioning products, i.e. able to give greater shine, volume, manageability and to provide a moisturizing and protective effect, especially for dry, brittle and damaged hair.

What is meant by brittle hair?

By brittle hair we mean that situation of damage of the external shaft cuticles which can be determined by the intrinsic weakness of the shaft or by excessive mechanical, chemical or thermal interventions. The greater manageability of the hair after the application of these restructuring products avoids further mechanical damage (knots, uncombable hair, etc.).

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