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Frizzy hair is characterized by a strong dehydration of the outer layer of the hair which loses its natural elasticity and shine and becomes matted, dull, lacking in tone and poorly maintained. To give brightness to the hair, it is necessary to take care of it with some small precautions and with products capable of nourishing and restoring its right hydration.

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| Frizzy hair

The main cause of frizzy and messy hair, as we have seen, is a lack of hydration. When the hair is particularly dry, especially during seasonal changes, the scales (which have the function of protecting the innermost layers of the hair) are raised and allow external humidity to penetrate, altering the shape and texture of the hair that becomes puffy, static and difficult to tame.

Other causes can be an unbalanced diet, stress in some cases, which lead to hair weakening and loss of shine and elasticity. Frizzy hair can also be due to some hereditary factors.
Surely the frizz effect can be generated by wrong habits in the washing, rinsing and drying phases. So prefer delicate and nourishing products, pat your hair gently without rubbing, use the right brushes, preferably with natural bristles. Finally, pay attention to the use of hair dryers, straighteners and other tools: always check the temperature and distance from the hair.

| Anti-frizz treatments

Anti-frizz products are useful for taming unruly and tousled hair, both curly and wavy. They give the right nourishment to dull hair, thus restoring its elasticity and hydration. To protect the hair, seal the cuticles and combat dryness, it is necessary to use effective shampoos, masks, conditioners or spray products. All anti-frizz products provide deep hydration to repair the most external and porous part of damaged hair. Even the keratin straightening treatment, as we have seen, can be used as an anti-frizz treatment and to get neat hair. In fact, keratin changes the volumes by deflating the hair and making it more manageable.
We therefore recommend our Glam line and some spray products such as Unico, detangling fluid Olea and the Rigena Lifting Booster to combat frizz.

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