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It falls and breaks faster, it struggles to hold the style, it has little volume and often suffers from split ends. Fine and thin hair gives the sensation of having a reduced and not very fluffy hair, devoid of shape.
The diameter of the hair depends on genetic causes and varies from person to person: some people are born with fine hair, while others with thick hair. Fine hair is less robust than thick hair and is more vulnerable and prone to internal and external attacks.

Hair is made up of three layers: the medulla, which is the innermost part, the cortex or the median band on which the thickness and shape of the hair depend and the cuticle, that is the outermost coating. In fine hair, the cortex is thin and undersized and it is for this reason that hair tends to break more easily than those with a stronger cortex.

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| The causes of fine hair

In addition to the hereditary factor, too fine and brittle hair is a symptom of psychological stress or external stressors such as overly aggressive cosmetic treatments.
Taking certain medications contributes to making the hair more fragile. Also age plays a role: a teenager will have thicker and more robust hair than an elderly person. Hair color is also important: various analysis have shown, for example, that people with red hair tend to have thinner hair than people with dark or black hair.
Finally, external atmospheric agents can contribute to making the hair thinner and more fragile. Furthermore, after chemotherapy, hair that does not fall out weakens and loses volume.

| Strengthening treatments and volumizing products for fine hair

To strengthen fine hair it is necessary to pay attention to how we take care of our hair and which products we choose. The use of high quality products with restructuring properties is an excellent remedy for thickening, plumping and strengthening fine hair. The nourishing treatments in fact enrich weak and fine hair and restore volume. In addition, the energizing treatments give new life and nourishment to the scalp allowing you to tone the hair from the root and strengthen it, giving more volume. In addition to choosing the most suitable products, even the right cut can be a further step to regain body and volume. The drying process and the heat setting of the hair dryer and hair straightener are other elements that must be considered. Finally, combing the hair in the correct way with a suitable brush and following a correct diet are other factors that allow you to better care for fine hair.

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