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A fairly common problem is damaged or dry hair. In fact, many people complain about damaged or brittle hair. This expression indicates a deterioration of the hair. People who are affected by this condition feel an urgent need to solve this problem. In these cases, therefore, a complete, effective and lasting repair treatment is necessary. The Rigena Lifting line is a specific revitalizing treatment for damaged and dehydrated hair and gives it new life. It deeply rebuilds the hair fiber, strengthens the hair and makes it more resistant, easy to comb and soft to the touch.

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| Brittle and damaged hair

Damaged hair can be recognized immediately when compared with healthy hair. Healthy and strong hair has an intact cuticle, adherent scales, it is shiny, manageable, elastic and does not have split ends.
Damaged and brittle hair is visibly damaged. It is dull, difficult to comb, rough to the touch and with no cuticle scales. It is generally dry and characterized by loss of color and shine. In particular, the structure of damaged hair itself is modified, making the hair fragile and weak.

In fact, on closer inspection, we can understand its deterioration. The cuticle, or the outermost layer of the hair, is made up of cells that protect the inner part of the hair and is therefore the most exposed layer to mechanical (violent brushing, extensions, etc.), physical (sun, saltiness, excessive heat of hair straighteners and hairdryers) and chemical traumas (too frequent washing with aggressive shampoos, excessive use of dyes, bleaching, perms, straightening, etc.). In damaged hair the cuticle is absent. Without this protective layer, the hair becomes thinner, weaker and more fragile, facilitating the deterioration of the keratin structure that constitutes the cortex.

| Treatments for damaged and brittle hair

The treatments for damaged and brittle hair are specially designed to repair the hair and make it more vital. They mainly consist of shampoos, conditioners and masks for dry and brittle hair.

Our Rigena Lifting reconstruction line is the ideal treatment for damaged, dry and brittle hair. Rigena Lifiting contains Hyamagic-4D ™, a complex of four types of hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights, to form a three-dimensional network inside the hair and improve its resistance and manageability.

It also contains cashmere extract, consisting mainly of keratin with a very high affinity with the hair fiber, which repairs the bridges between the amino acid structures that give strength to the hair. It has a revitalizing action, making the hair structure stronger and more resistant.

Try shampoos, masks, conditioners, boosters and vials for a complete treatment! To obtain a lifting and deep repair effect, ask your salon for the R-Power treatment!

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