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The historical-mythological sources give us an image of the hair as a symbol of different values: strength, life, success, virility, charm. Back to the Egyptians, in some papyri dating back two thousand years, the seductive function attributed to hairstyles was exalted.
The Romans believed that hair were the core of life. Particular attention was also given to hair in the Christian era. Even for kings and monarchs, hair has always been a distinctive element, in fact in the seventeenth-eighteenth century hair was still a symbol of power: the Sun King, Louis XIV, is always portrayed with a flowing lock of black curls. In modern times, the symbolic value is still strong. Coming to the present day, the role of hair in creating the image of oneself is more evident than ever. A proof of this key role is the infinite variety of colors, professional products for hairdressers and treatments, as well as the presence and considerable diffusion of many hairdressing salons and shops.

| The figure of the hairdresser

The hairdresser, or hairstylist, is that professional figure who takes care of the appearance and health of the hair. The professional activity includes all treatments and services aimed at modifying, improving, maintaining and protecting the aesthetic appearance of the hair, including complementary trichological treatments, which do not involve medical, curative or health services.

The hairdresser’s work dates back to the Paleolithic and then became a recognized job with the birth of the first barbershops in Hellenistic Greece. In Ancient Rome we find the tonsores, the men in charge of shaving men and the combing servants of the matrons, called ornatrices. In the Middle Ages, barbers used to deal with surgical operations because of their skill with blades and knives.

They started to take care exclusively of hairstyles – and in particular of wigs of the European aristocracy – in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In the early twentieth century, with the birth of the hair dryer and perm, the hairdresser, in addition to being recognized as the hair artist, had to learn new techniques. Nowadays, the role of the hairdresser has been enriched with new chemical skills (for coloring), as well as communicative and salon management skills.

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| Professional products for hairdressers

In salons, hairdressers use professional products specially designed for every need such as coloring, styling, masks, conditioners, balms etc. Many products such as bleaches, dyes, hair perm and straightening treatments are professional products for hairdressers. Thanks to the competence, experience, correct use and skill of the hairdresser, these products reach maximum performance guaranteeing and ensuring the best result.

Hairdressers are also able to recommend the best professional products according to the hair types of their customers, which can thus continue with the maintenance at home. The resale of hairdressing products is therefore a service carried out by salons and allows personalized advice.

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