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Style and create the look. These are the prerequisites of styling, that is everything related to the “hairdo” and which includes all the techniques used to achieve it. Depending on the desired result (wavy, curly, straight, hairstyle, disheveled), the hairdresser will use a different tool, such as a straightener to straighten the hair, the use of curlers or the iron to create the right movement. To get the maximum effect, you need to use the right styling products that help the styling process, such as sprays and foams to be applied to wet hair.
The styling final touch is the finish and therefore the use of suitable products is crucial. The finish concerns all those touches that allow you to finish the hairstyle and that allow you to give shape and stability to your hair, like lacquers, sprays, modeling waxes to give body and volume, move, polish and lock your hair into place.

Styling modellanti per capelli dott solari

| Some advice on styling products

First of all, you need to be aware of the hair type and the specific need in order to choose the best styling product. If your hair is straight and flattened, you need to find the right styling product to create volume, avoiding products that are too aggressive. On the other hand, if your hair is particularly brittle, it is better to choose a heat protection product. You can also find the right product to get a beach wave effect.
When applying waxes and modelling pastes, always try to give hair shape and thickness, without locking it into place. It is better to proceed from the bottom upwards.
If you use more styling products, it is better to apply them from the lightest to the heaviest, always paying attention to the doses; the heavier product will be dosed sparingly. For example, you can apply a bit of volumizing agent against the hair growth, then spray the lacquer and finally a hair polish.
Another tip: you can style short hair, use a finishing product and tame curly and long hair. The important thing is that the hair is styled, but it must always be able to move and express.

| dott. solari cosmetics styling

Dott. solari styling products have been formulated to support, model, volumize without weighing down the hair. Gels and waxes have moldable and soft textures. Spray modeling products are characterized by lightness and impalpability, guaranteeing the obtained result: volume for Roots up, shine for Shine & Gloss, hold for lacquers, protection for Heat protector, beach wave effect for Sea Salt, Oil non oil to tame curls. Find the right one for you!

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