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As we have seen in curly hair, hair is straight or curly based on the shape of the bulb: if this cavity is circular, the hair comes out straight and has a round and homogeneous section. According to the hair type chart, straight hair corresponds to number 1 and its three-dimensional volume is reduced.
It is essential to know and evaluate the thickness of straight hair to better treat it. Depending on the type of hair, fine or thick, you need to choose the most appropriate type of straight hair treatment.
Straight hair is certainly the most versatile hair to create any shape and cut: it can be styled in different ways obtaining voluminous and disheveled effects or shiny and ultra-flat looks.

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| Products to get straight hair

The right choice of shampoo and conditioner is the first step to obtain smooth and shiny hair, even without the straightener. Another important step before drying is to pat the hair well after shampooing to remove excess water. Then apply a straightening cream or serum that helps in the drying phase, so that the hair will be easier to tame. You can also apply a heat protectant to protect it. Finally you need to choose the correct hairbrush: when the hair is dry choose a flat brush to get soft straight hair while for more compact hair consider using a round brush

| How to dry straight hair

Straight hair should be dried starting from the root, keeping the hairdryer about 15 cm away from the scalp and always proceeding downwards, with a constant movement. After drying the hair with a hairdryer, a lot of people also use the straightener, especially for the ends. Beware of excessive use of the straightener and too high temperatures that could make the hair excessively frizzy and dry.

| dott. solari cosmetics hair straightening treatment

Dott. solari has thought of a complete line to take care of straight hair: Glam illuminating line. It’s good to start with a good cleansing process and then to proceed with the straight hair mask and straightening cream to be applied before drying.
If straight hair is particularly rough and frizzy as a result of chemical or mechanical aggression, you can also choose a restructuring treatment such as Magic Oil: the better the structure of the hair at the beginning, the better the desired styling result and its duration.

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