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Thinning hair is a fairly common problem in both men and women. Thinning is a strong sign that the scalp is not in good health: when hair growth is reduced, in fact, the cause is often the follicles that generate thinner hair. Thinning is therefore nothing more than the physiological hair loss, also called androgenetic alopecia, due to the exhaustion of the hair regrowth cycle.

Signs of hair thinning in men are frontotemporal and / or vertex receding hairline, while in women it affects the rest of the surface of the scalp more uniformly.

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| Causes of androgenetic alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia in men leads to less and less deep follicles and the production of shorter and less pigmented hair. In female androgenetic alopecia there is a general decrease in the total amount of hair and this may be due to:

  • taking the contraceptive pill or ending its use
  • postpartum or postmenopausal period
  • a considerable weight variation which leads to an alteration of the hormonal balance

Other factors that affect hair thinning can be pollution, hormonal imbalances or stress-related hair loss. There is also the possibility that thinning hair is due to hereditary and genetic factors.

| Thinning hair treatments

Hair thinning, in addition to being a physiological problem, often causes severe discomfort and a decline in self-esteem. As we have already said, an excessive stress condition is often directly linked to hair loss. Therefore, reducing physical and emotional stress is one of the first steps in treating thinning hair, which is affected by this psychophysical condition, appearing dull and thin and starting to gradually fall out.
A personalized thinning hair treatment designed for the actual needs of the scalp is certainly useful to help fight hair loss. A professional hair treatment is a remedy for thinning hair that is not invasive and unnatural like hair transplantation. The complete treatment uses the specific shampoo and the combined lotions, whether in vials or spray, to stimulate hair growth by acting on the stem cells of the follicle. The treatment for thinning hair thus helps the scalp to be more toned and improve its condition.
The energizing Phitocomplex line is based on Redensyl®, a patented Swiss active ingredient that acts on the stem cells of the follicle and stimulates their metabolism.

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