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To create a flawless look and a perfect hairstyle, women use straighteners, hair dryers, and curling irons. Frequent use of these tools can lead to negative consequences for the hair, especially if it is not properly protected.

Protezione dal calore dott solari

| Hair heat protection

As we have seen, the outer protective layer of the hair is formed by “scales” arranged like the shingles of a roof, closely attached to each other. The cuticle thus formed is very resistant and represents a protection for the innermost layer of the hair, allowing it to be protected from external factors. However, the high temperatures reached by straighteners and other tools, higher than 220°, can cause microscopic damage to the hair: the scales tend to open and detach. The consequences are: loss of brightness, a certain fragility and the onset of split ends. The hair is therefore dull, opaque, dry and breaks easily.

However, not only can the excessive use of straighteners at high temperatures damage your hair; even combing your hair with brushes and combs that are too aggressive or simply using the hair dryer incorrectly (e.g. too close to the hair) can cause damage.

| Heat protectants for hair

Thermal protection becomes necessary. The heat protection products for hair, protect the hair from heat damage, forming a protective film that envelops the hair and facilitate the styling. They also enhance shine, making hair easier to comb and fighting frizz, especially if we are talking about curly hair.
We recommend applying heat protectants on damp hair for maximum protection. Once applied, it’s a good idea to comb your hair to distribute the product evenly throughout the hair.

The most common product is a heat protectant spray, such as our Heat Protector. Your hair will feel soft and shiny, straight for longer and protected from humidity. Unico spray mask also protects against heat, prevents split ends and improves combability. These are no-rinse products to be sprayed directly on the hair; they wrap the hair in a protective film and gently take care of it. In short, heat protectants are a real must-have for your hair and for every woman!

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