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A very common problem in children is the appearance of pediculosis, which is an infestation caused by head lice.

| Head lice

Lice are barely visible wingless insects that infest the scalp, body or genital area and feed on blood. They are easily transmitted from person to person through close contact or by sharing objects or clothing. There are three species that live in different parts of the body. Head and pubic lice live directly on the person, while body lice live on clothing and underwear.

Head lice are very itchy and sometimes the affected person even gets sores from scratching.
Head lice and their eggs (called nits), which are suddenly laid on the skin, can be seen by observing the scalp, especially the lateral area behind the ears.

Dott solari antipidocchi

| Diagnosis of head lice infestation

In order to detect lice, you need a fine-toothed comb. When the hair is wet, run the comb through the root. In this way you can observe whether the parasite and its eggs are present on the teeth of the comb.

Bites from body lice cause small, red, pinpoint holes in the skin. They cause hives, scratching marks and in the worst case, micro-lacerations with possible bacterial infection.

Pubic lice bites can create grayish-white spots on the chest, buttocks, or thighs. They may cause swollen lymph nodes.

| The products that dott. solari recommends for this type of need

| Treatment to prevent and eliminate head lice

Head lice (pediculosis) treatment consists of products to prevent lice, i.e., products that help sanitize the skin and create an environment hostile to infestation, or products to eliminate them, i.e., antiparasitic products that also facilitate the elimination of nits. In the latter case, we consider medical-surgical devices (PMC), which are sold exclusively in pharmacies.

The regular use of Phitocomplex baby defense shampoo and lotion helps to prevent the formation of nits and lice. The active ingredients (apple cider vinegar, essential oil of thyme, eucalyptus and cedar leaves) contained in the baby defense line, in fact, create an unfavorable environment for the attack of parasites.

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