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Conditioners are emollient products which deeply nourish the hair, making it strong and shiny. Not only do they make the hair softer, but they improve its well-being. Depending on the ingredients that compose them, there are conditioners suitable for every type of need: for straight, curly, dry hair etc. A frequent use of the conditioner can regenerate even the most weakened and stressed hair.

The conditioner improves hair combability, resistance and appearance. The use of the conditioner is necessary following the loss of lipids and in particular of the sebum removed by washing. The conditioner ingredients also deposit on the hair closing the cuticles and removing frizz.

There are two types of conditioners:

  • rinse-out conditioners. They favor a light integration in addition to the detangling and emollient action and are richer in active ingredients.
  • no rinse conditioners. They are designed not to thicken the hair and act more on the surface giving immediate protection, shine and manageability.
Conditioner balsami dott solari

| Difference between mask and conditioner

Masks and conditioners have a similar basic formulation, perform the same function (moisturize and nourish the hair) and both have an acid pH to close the cuticles and make the hair silky.

The difference is that the mask is a “deep” conditioner: it has more functional ingredients, it acts deeper and its effect lasts longer. The mask is therefore more full-bodied and rich in active ingredients. The mask can be applied before or after shampooing and compared to the conditioner it significantly increases the developing time up to 20 minutes. The conditioner instead is applied after shampooing and rinsed off shortly after.

| Choice and frequency of use

Finding the right hair conditioner for your needs is the key to obtaining the desired effect, because it represents one of the steps in the styling routine. If your hair tends to be oily and heavy, it’s best to go for light conditioners. If your hair is dry and damaged, restructuring conditioners are the best choice. For colored hair, on the other hand, there are specific post-coloring conditioners. As for the frequency of use, it is usually good to apply the conditioner after each shampoo alternating it with the mask.

| dott. solari cosmetics Conditioners

Our conditioners guarantee effective and immediate results and professional quality because they use the most innovative formulas. It is a winning set of nourishing formulations that do not thicken the hair. They nourish and untangle it, making it shiny. To improve their results, dott. solari conditioners can enhance their action by using specific masks and restructuring treatments.

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