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Brittle hair that breaks is a common and very frequent condition. The hair is weakened and dull. The causes can be various. Environmental causes: atmospheric aggressions can in fact put a strain on the hair. Especially after summer and after the exposure to sunlight, wind and salt it is possible that the hair appears more fragile than normal and split ends can be noticed. Other causes can be mechanical (brushing and drying), thermal (hair straightener, hair dryer, curling iron) or finally chemical (dyeing, bleaching, perm).

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| Products and remedies for brittle hair

To restore the strength of the shaft, you can proceed with pre-shampoo packs or in any case use products rich in active ingredients, such as hair-repair products. For the best results it is recommended to apply a pack or mask at least 1 or 2 times a week. The frequency of cleansing does not negatively affect the structure of the hair, the important thing is to choose the right delicate shampoo for brittle and thin hair.
After cleansing it is essential to always apply a conditioner to strengthen brittle and thin hair, always paying attention to spreading it gently from roots to ends. If the hair is brittle, drying is also important: it is good not to rub the hair too vigorously, but to always treat it with great care and to gently dab it. The temperature of the hair dryer and hair straightener is also of fundamental importance. Another recommended step is to maintain the right hydration applying masks and oils. In order not to break the already fragile hair opt for soft hairstyles and half ponytails. Also avoid too aggressive dyes and bleaches.

| Hair that breaks and split ends

Broken hair and split ends are not exactly the same. With split ends we mean the damaged ends that break. Split ends are also known as trichoptilosis. Due to this anomaly hair is characterized by forked ends. On the other hand, broken hair is caused by deeper structural damage. Fractures do not occur only on the ends, but everywhere on the hair which is therefore fragile and stringy. Long hair is obviously more exposed to breakage, also due to the greater exposed surface.

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