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Hair grows on the scalp, so it is necessary to keep it healthy and clean. This allows the hair to grow strong and robust from the beginning. Sebum, dandruff, excessive dryness are scalp anomalies that can affect healthy and strong hair.
There are, as we have seen, specific treatments that can counteract hair loss and all other skin anomalies.

Lozioni per capelli dott solari

| Strengthening lotions for the scalp

Hair lotions are liquid preparations that are applied directly to the scalp. They act directly on the hair follicles.
In particular, the coadjuvant treatments for hair loss prevention reinforce the trophism of the scalp by improving hair health and its aesthetic qualities. In cosmetics, lotions and tonics are the most used because they enhance the oxygenation, stimulation and nourishment of the bulbs. Vials containing lotions are a great help against hair loss. Furthermore, in case of dandruff build up on the scalp, the hair lotion performs a purifying and antibacterial action.

| How to apply hair lotions

Apply the product directly on the skin, massaging gently with the fingertips until completely absorbed. The lotions can be applied to both dry and wet hair.
As for the frequency of use, it is recommended to read the instructions inside the package. The frequency depends on the type of problem encountered.

| dott. solari cosmetics lotions

Dott. solari lotions are part of the Phitocomplex line. The formulations are based on plant extracts and natural essential oils, proteins and vitamins. In the energizing Phitocomplex line there are hair lotions that help fight hair loss and stimulate the scalp. In the purifying line there is the anti-dandruff lotion.
It is strongly recommended to apply dott. solari hair lotions after a thorough cleansing of the scalp. The deep cleansing of the skin through the Sanitizing Preparation allows the complete absorption of the lotions, enhancing their effect.

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