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The history of perm is very long. From Egypt to Rome, especially women used to love the possibility of permanently changing their hairstyle. Only around the 1930s did the first “cold perms” appear, from which modern ones were born. The perm was a real must have in the 1980s. Nowadays, even after many years have passed, the perm is back in fashion.

The perm can be used both to curl straight hair naturally and to revive and support wavy hair.

Permanente capelli dott solari

| How does the hair perm work?

Perm products permanently alter the internal hair structure. The products used to do the perm are two liquids: one defined as waving, the other used to hold the hair in place. The chemical reactions that characterize the perm are therefore:

  • reduction, with an alkaline pH (waving effect)
  •  oxidation, with an acid pH (holding effect)

The hair shafts are covered with the waving liquid and wrapped around the curlers. The scales of the cuticle open, favoring the absorption of the waving liquid which breaks the chemical bonds of the hair and makes it ready for styling. The curler gives the new shape. The passage of the holding liquid through the hair releases oxygen and “locks” the new wave into place. There is therefore a change in the shape of the shafts. Finally, drying contributes to stabilizing internal bonds.

| The advantages of the perm

The perm can create a wavy effect perfect for short or long and for straight or wavy hair. It can be used to create different styles, always respecting the look and physiognomy of the customer. Finally, it can be used to keep curly hair in order or tame the most rebellious curls.
The perm for short hair manages to give a touch of irresistible movement. The perm on long hair is no longer a pipe dream, on the contrary it is possible to obtain a very natural effect.
Perm for curly or straight hair? In both cases, the result is assured. In fact, it allows you to get more volume and enhance the curl, to change the look from the usual straight hair or to support curly hair.

| Permed hair care

If done not too frequently, perms are not harmful. Their risk, due to the chemical nature of the treatment, is that of damaging the hair shaft if it is already weak and brittle. We therefore recommend the use of nourishing products and styling products to get the maximum effect from the perm.

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