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| Itchy scalp

An itchy scalp is a symptom that can occur in response to a wide variety of physical and chemical stimuli. It is a very common and frequent problem and is the direct consequence of an inflammation of the scalp. It can last for some time or be only temporary. The causes can be many, often it is dandruff but it is certain that the scalp is suffering.

An itchy scalp is accompanied by a feeling of discomfort and an uncontrollable urge to scratch. This causes further irritation and only temporarily relieves the itchy sensation. Along with itching, this condition may cause burning, peeling, hair loss, redness and skin sores.

Dott solari antiprurito

| The soothing effects of anti-itch products

The causes of itching are not always easy to identify. One of the causes is the alteration of the balance of the scalp: seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis or inflammation such as folliculitis can cause flaking and lead to tension, redness and itching. Overly aggressive hair products or chemical treatments can also irritate the scalp, making it sensitive. An inflammation of the scalp can anticipate or accelerate hair loss. Other causes can be:

  • lice
  • stress
  • sunburn
  • food allergies and intolerances
  • dry skin
  • fungal or bacterial infections
  • nutrition

Itchy scalp can be easily alleviated with the right treatments. In fact, when choosing shampoos and conditioners the aesthetic function is too often considered more important than the care, cleaning and hygiene of the scalp. As a result, it happens to choose too aggressive shampoos which cause irritation.

It is therefore advisable to pay more attention to scalp care and hygiene.
The soothing products do not act on the many causes that can lead to itching, but offer an immediate feeling of relief to the irritated scalp.

| When to use products for itchy scalp

If the itch is very intense, you tend to scratch to alleviate the feeling of discomfort. The more you scratch, however, the more the skin becomes irritated, thus leading to ulcers. This vicious circle can be broken by finding the right remedies for itchy scalps.

The soothing Phitocomplex line responds to this need by guaranteeing a calming and anti-redness action. Thanks to the presence of prickly pear extract and essential oils of lavender, geranium and cypress with high soothing power, this line of products helps to alleviate the sensation of itching and relieves irritated scalp. The Phitocomplex sanitizing preparation helps to sanitize the skin before applying the soothing anti-itch treatment, generating a feeling of freshness and well-being on the whole scalp.

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