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Men’s cosmetics are booming. Today more than ever, the contemporary man loves to take care of himself. He’s engaged in many activities including working, travelling and doing sports, so there are many products dedicated to men’s hair.

Until a few years ago cosmetics were considered a habit belonging to the female universe. However, for some years now the beauty market has started to considerably focus also on products dedicated exclusively to men.
The trend is constantly growing and it is estimated that in a few years this industry will be destined to expand more and more.

Surely, cleansing products are the most popular among men (shower gel, shampoo and body wash), together with products for shaving the beard and styling the hair, deodorants and sunscreens. However, over the years the male universe has paid increasing attention to functional cosmetics (gels, creams, serums, etc.).

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| What are men looking for in cosmetic products?

One of the fundamental differences that distinguishes the male world from the female one is precisely the functional aspect of the product. Furthermore, men expect an immediate sensory effect, especially from the products used after sport.

| Men’s hair styling products

The first products used by men are styling products such as gels and waxes. In recent years, the barber world has gained great success, and so has the set of products dedicated to beard and mustache care which is also linked to a strong cultural phenomenon connected to the new wave of the hipster world.

| Products to strengthen men’s hair

The relevant aspect of men’s cosmetics is about hair loss. Men are looking for products that can strengthen the scalp especially during the seasonal hair loss. As we have seen, the seasonal hair loss cannot be prevented. However, it can be limited by trying to strengthen the hair through a healthy diet, regular physical activity and the use of specific treatments, including products to strengthen men’s hair.

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