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For many people, dry hair is not a problem of little importance, in fact dry hair tends to be stringy and create the “straw effect”, an issue that is certainly not appreciated and that makes the hair seem neglected. Over time, having dry hair can turn from a simple imperfection into a hair health problem. In fact, dry hair is often fragile and tends to wear out and break or it is subject to other forms of hair shaft damage or split ends.

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| Causes of dry hair

The most common causes of dry and brittle hair can be:

  • hormonal: hormones in fact influence hair formation and follicular activity. Especially in stressful or particular periods such as pregnancy or menopause, hormones can have a close correlation with hair vitality.
  • endogenous, or internal, causes: nutritional deficiencies, genetic causes, because dry hair is the consequence of hereditary factors, and, finally, the low production of sebum that is the main cause of dry hair. The quantity of lipids expelled from the hair is low and does not allow the correct lubrication of skin and hair.
  • external causes: the frequent use of certain cosmetic treatments (e.g. bleaching, perms), too frequent washing or the use of too aggressive products and contact with irritants such as chlorine contained in swimming pool water or sea salt, atmospheric pollution or too low temperatures.

| Products and treatments for dry hair

The problem of dry and damaged hair can be solved by using products that restore the natural balance of the scalp, normalizing the production of sebum. It is also important to nourish the lengths with extremely moisturizing and restorative products. So, choose shampoos, conditioners and creams that are able to give the hair a more toned look. Especially in summer it is essential to use sun care products that can protect the hair from sun, sand, chlorine and saltiness which sharpen the hair dryness problem.
Also treat the hair with extreme delicacy, brushing gently, avoiding holding the hair dryer too close to the hair. Finally, adopt a healthy and balanced diet.

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