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Permanent or oxidation dyes are most suitable when the amount of white hair exceeds 50% of the total. In fact, the aesthetic results are far better and the color is intense and brilliant. They also allow the consumers to choose the color tone for the hair, based on their personal taste and the current trend. Thanks to the fact that they ensure a lasting color, they are by far the best sellers.

| How do professional hair dyes work?

Once the dye has been applied, hair coloring occurs through an oxidation mechanism that involves numerous colorless chemicals. As a result of oxidation and condensation chemical reactions, they form coloring substances. These reactions take place with an alkaline pH (usually between 9 and 10, due to the presence of ammonia or other alkalizing agents) and with the aid of an oxidant. When the preparation reaches the internal hair fibers, the permanent dyes develop the desired shade of color creating colored molecular complexes that remain trapped in the hair shaft in a stable way. The coloring is therefore definitive.

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| Side effects and regrowth

After the color service it may happen that the color tends to “slightly change” or to discolor. This is due to several factors, one of them is sun exposure. Once treated with a professional dye, it is also evident that the white hair shaft undergoes the so-called regrowth, that is the new growth of the original color starting from the scalp. The frequency of use of professional hair dyes is directly proportional to regrowth; on average it varies from four to six weeks.

| The application of professional hair dyes

Professional hair dyes and hydrogen peroxide must be mixed together immediately before applying them to the hair. Two reactions take place: lightening and recoloring of the hair. These two processes occur simultaneously thanks to the action of hydrogen peroxide. The result of the desired final tone depends on the correct and precise balance between the percentages of hydrogen peroxide and color precursors.

The most used alkaline agent for the hair lightening phase is ammonia. Ammonia is a volatile substance whose function is to fix the color on the hair. Its basic pH opens the hair scales allowing better pigment penetration into the hair.
In recent years there has been an increasing demand for professional ammonia-free hair dyes. Ammonia-free hair dyes use less aggressive alkalizing agents and are generally enriched with vegetable oils and other moisturizing substances that nourish and protect the hair to achieve a permanent coloring process as gentle as possible. The ammonia-free dyes are however included among the permanent hair colors and allow the color to be fixed in an effective and lasting way.

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