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There are many doubts and perplexities around the topics of “frequent use” and “daily hair washing“. In fact, there are false and widespread myths that cause a great deal of confusion: washing hair frequently or every day is not harmful, it always depends on the type of cleansing products used. Choosing a suitable shampoo helps to keep the characteristics of the hair intact, even if it is washed frequently.

| Is washing your hair every day harmful?

The age-old belief that washing your hair every day will weaken and ruin it is very deep-seated. However, this might have been true years ago, especially in relation to the products that were on the market. Some experts argue that nowadays you can wash your hair every day, just as you cleanse your face morning and night, as long as you use the right products and gentle shampoos.

Uso frequente dott solari

As we have seen even greasy hair can be washed daily. Allegedly, washing your hair every day would lead to an increase in sebaceous secretion. Instead, washing simply has the function of removing the sebum on the scalp, followed by the quick release of the sebum that is already present in the follicle.

Today, the variety of shampoos available on the market allows you to find the one that best suits your needs, e.g. greasy, dry, damaged, colored hair, etc. The important thing when choosing a shampoo for daily use is to choose a gentle one.
Many shampoos can be aggressive for the hair, and in this case frequent washing will wear out the hair. The pH of the scalp is 5.5; however, many shampoos on the market have an alkaline pH, which is higher than that of the scalp and this characteristic can lead to its alteration: shampoos with an alkaline pH can in fact weaken the hair.

| Delicate shampoo for frequent use

The choice of a delicate shampoo for frequent use is necessary if you need to wash your hair every day (e.g. adults and children who play sports and attend swimming pools and gyms every day, people whose hair gets “greasy” easily resulting oily or smelly, etc.).
In our lines we recommend all the shampoos of the Phitocomplex line because they contain natural active ingredients and are gentle on the scalp, even when used daily. In addition, the Professional Tropical Fruits shampoo with ginger extract is suitable for frequent use. Finally, in the Euphoria men’s line we recommend the Daily Shampoo.

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