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It’s not hard to reawaken your hair shine, even the dullest and most opaque hair. If your hair looks dull, it’s because it doesn’t reflect light well. Let’s see what hair shine depends on.

| Hair shine

Shine is the ability of a body to reflect the light that strikes it. The structure of the hair is made up of overlapping scales, like the shingles on a roof. If these scales are well closed and overlapping each other, they form a smooth and compact surface that reflects light well, thus providing the image of a healthy hair. If, on the other hand, the scales are open, the hair becomes rough and dull, with a consequent loss of brightness. So, we are dealing with a shiny and combable hair, with healthy and well compacted cuticles. When the cuticle is open, the hair loses its shine and becomes dull and difficult to comb.

Lucidare capelli dott solari

| How to increase hair shine

To make your hair shiny, just use a suitable conditioner for your hair type after washing with a shampoo. The conditioner, in fact, contains substances that promote the closure of the scales. Alternatively, it is sufficient to finally rinse the hair with cold water.

The residues of shampoo and conditioner, together with the limestone contained in hard water, make the hair dull. It is therefore a good idea to rinse thoroughly and abundantly after shampooing or applying a treatment until it is perfectly clean. The correct choice of the hairbrush is also of great help: for example, it is better to prefer brushes with soft bristles than brushes with plastic bristles.

| Treatments for shiny hair

As we have seen, the right choice of shampoo and conditioner suitable for the type of hair is fundamental. Our illuminating Glam line is a valid help: the Luminescine contained in it is a patented molecule that gives shine and light to the hair. Its action based on the photoluminescence of mullein flowers is able to transform UV radiation into a source of brightness for the hair, giving it a radiant, brilliant and youthful appearance.
The product specifically designed to give brightness to the hair is Shine&Gloss from the #style line. Finally, all the oils, serums, crystals recommended here have a polishing effect and give brightness. Hair care products based on oils are indeed helpful: the oil makes the hair smoother, prevents breakage and eliminates defects such as split ends.

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