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The straightening treatment is in great demand in salons because it allows the hair to be straightened from the inside, deeply hydrates it and makes styling easier. The straightening treatment deeply nourishes the hair and repairs damage caused by styling. Its straightening effect gives brightness to the hair. It is also perfect for people with frizzy hair and want to make it more manageable.

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| The straightening keratin treatment

One of the most requested treatments is the keratin straightening treatment. Keratin is a natural component of the hair and gives strength and resistance to the shaft. Keratin nourishes and plumps the hair and also, thanks to its disciplining action on the cuticles, ensures perfectly straight hair.
Keratin straightening treatment can be defined as semi-permanent. In fact, its duration can last up to three months. The duration depends on various factors such as the type of hair: on thick and porous hair, in fact, the result will be less lasting. Prolonged exposure to chlorine and salt or excessive sweating can affect the duration. Finally, home maintenance is of fundamental importance.
This treatment is also recommended as an anti-frizz effect on curly hair. In the case of the straightening treatment, in fact, the hair is completely straightened. The anti-frizz treatment, on the other hand, with a shortened developing time and the use of the diluted product, keeps the curly hair natural, eliminating frizz and making the hair more manageable.
On frizzy hair, even straight hair, this treatment is recommended to always make your hair neat: keratin changes the volumes by deflating the hair and making it more manageable.

| The products that dott. solari recommends for this type of need

| Straightening treatment without formaldehyde

The Glam illuminating straightening treatment with keratin does not contain formaldehyde. In fact, the use of formaldehyde in cosmetic products is strictly regulated and has been banned by the European Union as a pure ingredient in cosmetic formulations. Formaldehyde is the simplest of aldehydes and can in fact be harmful to health.

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