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Dyeing is a technique used to color natural hair, guaranteeing a lasting result over time. As we have seen (hair dyes / coloring), permanent coloring is the most used technique by hairdressers. The coloring process occurs through an oxidation mechanism that involves numerous chemicals. The dyes penetrate inside the hair creating the desired color shades that are in fact definitive or permanent. The semi-permanent coloring, on the other hand, does not require a chemical reaction, but the pigment is deposited on the cuticle, without penetrating it. It lasts from 3 to 8 weeks.

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| How to revive colored hair: treatments

To keep colored hair healthy and shiny, it is necessary to periodically apply a color enhancer that preserves its brilliance and intensity between one salon service and the following. Professional hair dyes in fact partially alter the physiological balance of the shafts. The hair tends to lose its natural brilliance and color intensity. Dott. Solari colored masks with argan oil strengthen the hair structure. Luminescine gives brightness to the cosmetic color and the Vitamins perform an antioxidant action that helps preserve the highlight intensity. The anti-yellow shampoo instead allows to eliminate unwanted yellow or orange highlights on bleached hair or to preserve the brightness and cold tone of the color, whether natural or dyed. It is also ideal on natural white hair, to avoid yellowish shades. These products are treatments for colored hair that also allow to treat and preserve colored hair at home, in a fast and simple way, without requiring professional manual skills and guaranteeing an immediate result.

| How to take care of colored hair

Other tips that can be useful in the care of colored hair are: choose the specific shampoo and conditioner for treated and colored hair that allow better cleansing and hydration. It’s better to wait 48 hours after dyeing before applying the shampoo at home, so that the cuticles can close completely and the color can set in the shaft. It is also recommended to wash the hair with warm water and to rinse the conditioner with cold water. This is to allow the cuticles to seal in and prevent the color from fading too soon. Correct drying is also important: keeping the hair dryer on a low heat setting without getting it too close to the hair is strongly recommended.

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