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As we have seen in conditioners and hair balms, conditioners and masks perform the same function: they moisturize and nourish the hair. The fundamental difference is that the mask is a deep conditioning: it acts in depth because it is more full-bodied and richer in active ingredients.
Masks are therefore conditioning agents that are able to give greater combability, shine, antistaticity and nourishment to dry, frizzy, weakened, colored or dull hair.
Unlike the conditioner, they act in longer times, the developing time is lengthened, and they exert a much more intense action. Most hair masks repair damage to the internal and external structure of the hair shaft, provide hydration and contain vegetable oils.

Maschere per capelli dott solari

| How to apply the hair mask, frequency of use

After shampooing, the mask must be applied evenly over the entire hair, using a comb. They are different from hair packs, which are applied before washing and require a longer developing time. Depending on the type of hair and length, it is advisable to dose the professional mask correctly because an excessive dose could weigh down the hair. For an optimal effect, the mask should be left on for at least 5-10 minutes. Finally, it is important to rinse it thoroughly with plenty of water.
The mask should be applied regularly for a lasting effect, preferably 1 or 2 times a week. However, it mustn’t be used too often as the hair could become unnecessarily heavy.

| Types of hair masks

There are several types of hair masks. The most sought after are those for dry, brittle, frizzy and damaged hair. To meet this type of need, you can choose nourishing and restructuring masks capable of providing the right amount of active ingredients to the hair to repair and nourish it in depth. The hair will therefore be strengthened, protected and healthy.

There are also hair coloring masks, whose main function is to restore brightness and brilliance to the color, between one service and another. In fact, following repeated washing or sun exposure, dyed hair tends to lose its “artificial” shade. Hair coloring masks are a great solution to revive the color.

Finally, restructuring lotions can be included in the category of hair masks. These represent an even more intensive treatment than traditional masks and are generally reserved for salon use.

| dott. solari cosmetics professional masks

Dott. solari hair masks consist of a formulation containing active ingredients. They are full-bodied and particularly nourishing for dry and frizzy hair and for brittle and damaged hair. They perform an important restorative action.
For an even more intense action, the use of Olea restructuring lotions is recommended.
We have also created a wide range of hair coloring masks, suitable for all types of nuances, from chocolate to caramel, from sand to copper. The color will regain its brightness and brilliance, try them all!

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