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Colored hair looks great and is in high demand, but it needs care to keep it looking its best. Repeated washing, exposure to the sun, pollution and external aggression can affect and cause hair dyes to leak and alter its color. This is especially true for “rainbow” colors: pink, peach, etc. These colors undergo a necessary bleaching process before applying the dye: for this reason the hair retains less of the colored pigment and bleeds color more easily. With a few small steps and the right products, colored hair can remain shiny and vibrant for longer, while maintaining a pigmented color.

Protezione del colore dott solari

| Color Protection

Here are a few small tips to protect the color.

  • Wait to shampoo. To make the dye last longer, you need to give it time to set on the hair. It is better to wait 24 hours before shampooing, after doing a coloring service.
  • Wash your hair less frequently: it’s better to wash it every two days or every other day to maintain an intense and brilliant color. Washing is the first act that discharges the color.
  • Keep your hair hydrated. In addition to using specific products for colored hair, it is useful to choose nourishing products: when the hair is hydrated and the hair fiber healthy, colored hair will look brighter and more beautiful.
  • Avoid using styling tools (straighteners, irons and hairdryers) at too high temperatures: this will avoid damaging the hair and allow the color to be maintained for longer.

| Color Protection Treatment

The protective treatment allows to maintain, revive and enhance hair color. Choosing the right shampoo for color-treated hair is the first step to keeping color alive and enhancing highlights. It’s best to accompany the shampoo with a conditioner or mask formulated to preserve color, moisturize the hair and seal the cuticles. In our line there are products for professional use specifically designed for color protection such as – in the Love me color line – Hydra and Color Saver and in the Olea color line, the Color care line. As we said, colored hair needs more care, so it’s best to accompany specific products with moisturizing and nourishing products like the Olea baobab line. Finally, highlights are another great way to preserve color intensity and add radiance. The color masks of the color mask line are perfect for maintaining color between services, nourishing the hair and creating seductive shades. The Silver shampoo eliminates unwanted yellow or orange highlights on dyed or bleached hair.

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