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How to have a perfect blond

It’s easy to say blond! In fact, there are so many different shades and nuances: the world of blondes is truly infinite and multifaceted. To achieve the various shades there are different methods and each shade requires special attention. So let’s enter the fantastic world of blondes and see some tips together.

The shades of blond: what blond are you?

An easily recognizable blond is definitely platinum blond: it approaches white and has become the iconic blond of Hollywood glamour. Best to choose this color if you have a light base (it is easier to achieve) and a porcelain complexion.
Inspired by platinum blond, especially in recent years, Arctic and polar blondes, an even cooler shade than platinum, have been all the rage: it is the ideal blond for those who dream of a cool and very chic beauty.
If you prefer warm blonde, then honey blonde is perfect because it recreates a very natural effect: it is in fact a medium blonde with golden highlights, suitable for everyone and very elegant!
Between golden blond and dark brown, on the other hand, stands dark blond: a very versatile and easy to achieve color. In fact, on a light base it is obtained by slightly darkening the natural blond, on a dark base it is necessary to lighten the hair slightly before applying the dark blond dye. Finally, there are shades of blond that are somewhere in between warm blondes and reds: these are medium blondes with auburn and golden highlights, really irresistible and fascinating!

Bleaches, tints and tones: the services for a perfect blond

The choice of bleach is of fundamental importance to achieve a perfect blond, there are different types: it is up to the professionalism of the colorist to know how to choose the one best suited to the specific need.
The same goes for the choice of the dye (of coloring): it is necessary to find the correct combination of pigments contained in the color tube. Thanks to the right choice it will be possible to obtain a beautiful, bright and perfect blond.
Finally, let’s not forget about toning, which is indispensable to achieve plays of light, vibrant shades and to personalize the blond.

What products to use at home? How to care for the perfect blond

Maintaining blond after the services of an experienced colorist is necessary to continue to have the same shade, brightness and shine obtained in the salon. There are specific products such as highlights or color masks that can preserve the intensity of reflection between coloring services. There are also anti-yellow products, such as masks and shampoos that are created specifically to eliminate unwanted orange or yellow highlights from dyed or bleached hair. Finally, let’s not forget to always moisturize and nourish the hair with color-protecting masks and treatments.

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