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White hair: how to learn how to manage and enhance it

Is white hair just a sign of passing time? No, indeed! Accepting white hair also means knowing how to make the most of it and make precise style choices as relevant as ever. White hair are elegant and sumptuous, suitable for both girls and more agée women.
Let’s discover together the causes of gray hair and some tips for keeping it healthy and shiny.

White hair: causes

Sooner or later everyone are destined to see a few white strands sprout until complete loss of color. The causes of hair turning white are many: first and foremost is aging. Genetics certainly plays a role, but also hormonal imbalances, wich can alter melanin synthesis. A lifesyle associated with anxiety and stress can lead to nutritional deficiencies or imbalances that can accelerate the appearance of white hair. Finally, a poor diet low in vitamins and minerals, alcohol and drugs abuse, or special issues (such as thyroid disorders) can contribute to the appearance of white hair.

Going gray hair is also a popular trend among girls: in this case, one must plan the transition gradually. Much depends on the strarting color; blondes will have an advantage! To lighten the hair to white, of course, bleaching and the experience of a hairdresser is necessary. Treatment with our blondie line can definetely be a solution.

How to take care of and learn how to manage white hair

In all cases, whether for naturally white hair or obtained through bleaching, total white hair, or first white hair, it is fundamental to know how to treat, care for and manage it.
The cut and make-up contribute greatly to the perfect look, depending on the shape of the face and its hues. In addition, the brilliance of color, shiny and healthy hair (thus avoiding the shaggy effect), certainly make a difference!
There are specific treatments to enhance white and keep it shiny, let’s see which ones.

How to make gray hair beautiful and shiny: highlights and anti-yellow shampoos

An indispensable ally is anti-yellow shampoo, which is easy to apply and recommended for constant use. As the name implies it counteracts yellowing due to oxidation. To maintain white and silver highlights there are also color or reflecting masks (The color mask) for deeper action: anti-yellow or pearl gray mask. Always pay attention to the application time and frequency. Finally, it is always important to keep them moisturized and shiny to fight frizz.

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