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To wash or not to wash: how often to wash my hair?

“The more you wash your hair, the dirtier it gets”, “If you wash your hair every day, it gets damaged”, so many are the clichés and phrases we often hear regarding hair cleansing. How often should we wash our hair? What is best to do? Let’s try to clarify!

How often to wash your hair

The fact that hair can get dirty too quickly is often a topic of discussion. In reality, it is all very subjective, as each of us has a very personal concept of cleanliness. Some people prefer to wash their hair every other day, others consider it acceptable to shampoo their hair a couple of times a week at most. But then how often should one wash one’s hair? There is no right answer, because everyone has different needs, different habits.

There is no right number of washes, but there is a right frequency for each of us: our hair care routine must be adapted to our rhythms, to our needs. We must therefore consider the type of our scalp and hair, our lifestyle and our environment.

Washing your hair every day

Let’s dispel a false myth: washing your hair every day does not damage it or make it greasier. Washing does not affect sebum production or the hair structure, so it does not weaken the hair. What is important, however, is the correct use of the right cleansing products.

Washing hair every day in itself does not ruin it, but as we have seen, many aspects need to be taken into account, including hair type, lifestyle and environment: where you live influences the health of your hair and consequently how often you wash it, for example. If you live in an urbanized area with a high level of pollution, it is better to wash your hair more often. Fine hair is more delicate and tends to get dirty more often, while curly hair tends to stay clean longer.

Tips for good cleansing

It is important to choose the right products for proper cleansing. The function of shampoo is precisely to cleanse the hair and scalp by removing sebum and impurities. Not only shampoo, however. Especially if you wash your hair every day, your hair routine must be gentle and you must pay particular attention to thorough care. Therefore, adding conditioner and specific masks is indispensable.

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