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i profumi per i capelli

The new trend: hair fragrances

Recently, the hair fragrance category has been growing more and more. Many brands have created their own exclusive hair fragrance. According to the New York-based trend agency Spate, searches for hair fragrances on Tik Tok have increased by 35%. Young people who are increasingly interested in the beauty world are looking for innovative, original and appealing products.

A phenomenon on the rise, an explosion of views and a real craze that has historical origins: in the 17th century, powdered and perfumed wigs were widely used to keep them fresh.

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Why use hair perfumes?

But why use them? What are they used for? These products are designed to refresh your hair without having to wash it again. Besides the delicious fragrance, these perfumes contain ingredients that nourish, moisturize and repair hair. They also offer a great additional benefit: they have an anti-odour function, which is useful to counteract and neutralize odours from cooking food, smog, smoke, excess sebum and external agents. They can also be sprayed into the environment.

They therefore have a dual function: aesthetic, pure perfume and at the same time they also offer interesting performance. They are excellent allies after particular situations such as training, travelling on public transport, cooking food (e.g. fried food), after smoking.

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How to use  Hair and Body mist

Hair perfumes, also called hair mists, can be carried with you at all times and can be sprayed several times during the day. It is advisable to spray them evenly from the roots to the tips, also on the scalp to capture the odour molecules.

There are also body mists, designed for the skin of the body to refresh and moisturize it. A true pampering and a pleasant alternative to classic perfume.

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