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come curare i capelli danneggiati dalla piastra

How to treat hair damaged by hair straightener

Is your hair rebelling and looking like a straw nest? After months of hair straightener use, your hair has become damaged. It’s good to pay attention: damaged hair usually has a history of minor mistreatment and lack of care behind it that builds up and leads to more substantial damage. The good news is that there are ways to prevent the damage and also to care for it in the best way possible!

Protection from heat

The outer protective layer of the hair is formed by “scales” arranged like the tiles of a roof, closely attached to each other. The cuticle formed in this way is very strong and is a protection for the innermost layer of hair, allowing it to be protected from external factors. However, the high temperatures that hair straighteners and other tools reach, above 220°, can cause microscopic damage to the hair: the scales tend to open and peel off. The consequences are: loss of shine, some brittleness and the appearance of split ends. The hair then results dull, dull, dry and breaks easily.
It is therefore necessary before using the flat iron to use heat protection products, real protectors that contain a thermal protection factor, which can wrap the cuticle and prevent damage, preventing any damage.

How to treat hair damaged by straightening

If the damage has now been done and the hair looks tone-deaf and burned, it is best to use reconstruction products for damaged hair, whose main task is to deeply reconstruct the hair fiber, restoring the hair to its original shine and softness. These types of treatments strengthen the hair, making it more resistant to subsequent styling as well.
If the hair is particularly damaged or even burned and the ends are compromised, the best remedy is a good trim!

How to use fhair straightener without ruining the hair

Does straightening really ruin hair? This is one of the questions we hear most. Actually, if used well, it does not compromise healthy hair. It is good to use it in moderation and at temperatures that are not too high. Therefore, it is better to choose hair dryers and straighteners that once the temperature is reached keep it constant. In fact, heating the hair too much means damaging and ruining it. Always remember to divide the hair into strands and never proceed to use the flat iron if the hair is still damp: the heat shock can make the hair brittle and break it.

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