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come proteggere i nostri capelli dal sole

How to protect your hair from the sun

As we have seen, ultraviolet rays, besides being harmful to our skin, can also damage our hair by attacking the hair shaft and thus altering the hair’s internal structure. However, all it takes is a few small precautions to protect yourself from UV rays and to maintain healthy, shiny and bright hair.

Protecting hair from the sun

To avoid finding oneself at the end of the summer with damaged, dull and brittle hair, hair protection from the sun is necessary, especially if exposure lasts all day. Sun, chlorine, wind, increased sweating and the sun represent a mix of factors that can alter the health of hair. All together these elements have a drying and exhausting effect, depriving hair of moisture, making it dry, dull, even turning cosmetic or natural color into a matt look. Protecting hair from the sun therefore becomes necessary and indispensable. Hair needs more hydration!

Before, during and after exposure

Before the holidays, it is best to not stress your hair with special treatments: it’s better to postpone them until September! Hydration and nutrition are also important: drinking plenty of water and favoring foods rich in carotene will certainly help.
During exposure to the sun, it is best to gather your hair into a braid or chignon to protect it from external agents and prevent it from unravelling, creating knots that are difficult to untangle. You can give free rein to your imagination by choosing scarves, bandanas and straw hats to look like a real diva! In this way, both skin and hair will be perfectly protected from UV rays.
After exposure to the sun, whether after a day at the beach or at the swimming pool, it is essential to wash your hair thoroughly to remove all chlorine, saltiness and sunscreen residue. All this is done to restore the state of hair and bring it back to an optimum condition.

Products to protect hair from the sun

In addition to all of these precautions, we must add the use of the right hair care products that are specially designed to protect hair in these particular conditions of sun, wind, chlorine and saltiness. Before exposure, we recommend applying a product with UV protection (just like body creams!) to act as a protective barrier against salt and chlorine. A must-have to put in your bag for the beach or swimming pool.
Sun serum usually has a moisturising and protective function. It is great both on the beach for more definition and hold as well as after exposure on the body for a velvety touch. To wash your hair, choose a sun-specific shampoo to help remove any residue from the day. Also choose an after-sun mask, a pampering element for hair after exposure to the sun.
Olea Summer encompasses all these products in a single line specially designed to protect your hair from the sun.

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