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come proteggere i capelli al cambio di stagione

How to protect your hair at the change of season

The change of season has always been a critical time for the body: someone feels tired. Hair can also be affected. Let’s see together how to overcome this period prone to hair loss and physiological weakening.

The change of season and hair

There are times during the year when climate changes also affect the body, the metabolism and the mind. The body should be able to adapt to changes, but this is not always the case, and there are particularly sensitive individuals. The main transition moments are those from winter to spring and from summer to autumn, when the change of climate and light is most noticeable. The typical symptoms of the change of season can last a few days or be protracted. They are mainly tiredness and drowsiness, mood swings, anxiety and stress, a weakened immune system, and changes in the sleep-wake cycle. In addition, the change of season can also affect hair and hair loss.

Hair in springtime

The seasonal change therefore affects the whole body, including the hair, which synchronizes with the climate. During the springtime there is mainly more hair loss and also a weakening of the hair. As we have seen, hair loss in summer is a phenomenon that can affect many men and women. It can also happen in spring: during the spring period, hair needs some extra attention. A real remise en forme: from restructuring products to those that help combat hair loss, from detoxifying scrubs to moisturizing products to restore shine and softness.

How to prepare your hair for the change of season

How can this be counteracted? One can certainly start with a healthier diet, trying to stick to a balanced diet. You can help yourself with supplements and vitamins. In addition, the body needs more rest during the change of season, so it is good to respect this natural tendency by trying to give oneself additional rest. As for the hair, the way it is washed and styled also has an impact. You can opt for the right shampoo for your hair type and treat yourself to nourishing and moisturizing treatments. Finally, to combat hair loss, you can add energizing shampoos and lotions to your beauty routine that act directly on the scalp, making it stronger and promoting regrowth.

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