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come avere i capelli luminosi e brillanti

How to have bright and shiny hair

Bright and shiny hair is synonymous of healthy, well-groomed hair. It’s every woman’s dream to shine and hair must shine too! So let’s take a look together at what hair shine depends on and some useful tips for increasing hair shine.

Bright and shiny hair

Polishing hair isn’t a mission impossible! If hair looks dull and matt, it’s because it doesn’t reflect light optimally. If the hair is healthy, it will also look shiny and bright. The cuticle, that means the strange exterior of the hair, is a good indicator of hair health. Healthy hair has a tightly closed, smooth and flays cuticle. The cuticle can be damaged by external factors such as mechanical stress caused by heat and brushing, UV radiation, oxidation due to air or water and chemical treatments. If the cuticle is in good condition it optimally reflects light, giving the hair a healthy, shiny and glossy appearance.

Tips for shiny hair

There are many aspects to consider for shiny hair. Let’s start with a few tips. A healthy and balanced diet is definitely a good start: it takes constant effort to choose a diet rich in healthy foods. Another trick to always have healthy and consequently shiny hair is to cut it often, as hairdresser suggest. By cutting it every 6-8 weeks (short hair) or 10-12 weeks (longer hair), it will always remain disciplined, in top condition and shiny.
Another tip is the correct choice of brush so as not to stress the cuticles. It’s therefore better to choose natural materials such as wood and also pay attention to the bristles, preferably soft ones.

Product for shiny hair

Using the right hair products is indispensable for shiny hair. Shampoos, masks, serums and oils are excellent allies for shiny hair.
It’s good to start with the scalp and carry out a scalp detox treatment at least once a week. It’s then necessary to wash the hair properly, using the right amount of shampoo, apply it to the palm of the hand, dilute it, then apply it by massaging gently. The correct choice of mask is also of fundamental importance: finding the right one according to hair type is the solution!
Hair must always be deeply moisturised, as a less porous hair shaft will increase shine.
Finally, it is best to include hair serums and oils in your beauty routine. These help to improve combability and complete styling by creating protective films that help to keep the cuticles firmly in place.

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