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decolorare i capelli senza rovinarli

How to bleach hair without ruining it

Many women want to change their hair colour and have hair that is much lighter than their natural colour. Many, on the other hand, want to add a touch of light and brightness to their natural blond or brown hair.

What happens when we bleach our hair?

Bleaching is a technique to lighten the hair, thus changing the base colour by several shades, whether it is natural or treated. Powdered bleaching agents are generally used, which are mixed with oxidant at the time of use.
There is a considerable difference between colouring and bleaching: bleaching is not the same process as colouring. In one case one subtracts colour, as if erasing the previous one, in the other one adds or modifies the previous colour.
Trying to lighten the hair with a very light-coloured dye will do no good if the starting colour is very dark. In that case, bleaching is necessary.

How to bleach hair without ruining it?

It is necessary to be patient and perform several bleaches to avoid attacking the hair too much. Going from a dark colour to a light blonde is possible, but only by performing several bleachings to avoid stressing and ruining the hair.
Classic, ammonia-based bleaching is in fact a process that can permanently damage hair, especially darker hair, because it acts on eumelanin, the melanin responsible for the brown-black colour.
The pigment (melanin) in light natural hair colours (blondes) is contained in the cuticles, but in dark natural hair (brown and black) the melanin is contained in the cortex and even in the pith area.
Too aggressive a treatment may cause irreversible damage to the hair shaft matrix. Therefore, great care must always be taken during the bleaching process and all the steps to achieve the desired colour must be well studied.

Bleaching dyed hair, bleaching black hair and bleaching dyed hair without damaging it

For any kind of bleaching, we strongly recommend that you contact professional hairdressers and your salon of choice. Indeed, bleaching is a specific and complex treatment that requires attention and professionalism: from bleaching dyed hair to bleaching black hair, it is always best to seek the advice of your salon of choice.
To bleach dyed hair in particular, one can resort to bleaching, which is a lightening technique that chemically removes the artificial colour pigment from the hair, without changing the natural colour. It can also lighten an artificial colour by up to three tones.

What professional products do we recommend for bleaching hair without damaging it?

After bleaching, it is advisable to apply moisturising products generally with an acid pH to exert a restorative and protective action and to bring the pH of the hair back to a physiological level, helping the cuticles to close. You can also use a shampoo with purple pigments-anti-yellow or silver shampoo – which helps counteract unwanted yellow effects.
Finally, it is advisable to always nourish your hair with the most suitable products to prevent it from becoming dry and frizzy. After bleaching, the hair is in fact more ready to absorb and receive regenerating and restructuring treatments.
Our line for perfect blond hair dedicated exclusively to bleaching is Blondie.

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