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con quale frequenza andare dal parrucchiere

How often to go to the hairdresser

Sometimes it is difficult to know how often you need to go to the hairdresser based on your needs. For a cut, color or treatment, how long should one wait? Some people go to their beauty salon every week, some every month, and some a few times a year.
Going to the hairdresser is a small pleasure and pampering to indulge in often or from time to time. It also provides a moment for oneself to enhance the day and to indulge in a little relaxation.

Cutting hair, how often?

One of the most frequently asked questions is just that, how often to cut hair? The rate of hair growth is about 0,3 mm per day (almost 1 cm per month), obviously this growth is not infinite and the individual is more or less predisposed to reach a certain length. The more hair grows, the finer and thinner it tends to be, making it more likely to break. For this reason, it is good keep an eye on the cut. In general, in order to always have tidy hair and to fight split ends, it is advisable to make an appointment with the hairdresser about every six to eight weeks. Between trims it is always good to nourish hair and use emollient products and treatments.

Women: how often to go to the hairdresser?

As for color, on other hand, it depends on what kind of service and treatment you are used to and what results you want to achieve. If it is for white hair coverage, it is recommended to go to the salon of your choice for the coloring service at least once a month. In fact, the roots start to show after about four weeks: it depends on how much regrowth you can tolerate! If, on the other hand, hair coloring is temporary you will need to return to the hairdresser to intensify the color, usually about every two months.
Finding a good beauty salon, as anticipated at the beginning, is definitely a good time to get some attention and advice of a dedicated professional who can give you suggestions and improve your image and look.

And for men?

Even in the male world, there is increasing attention to self-care. Going to one’s trusted barber, has become a time to relax and take care of one’s image and look. Many men’s salons have increased their services by offering a true sensory journey into the barber world. From traditional shaving to haircuts, barbershops offer a wide range of treatments for the man who likes to take care of his appearance.

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