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la caduta dei capelli in autunno

Hair loss in autumn

In autumn, hair falls out like leaves fall off trees! Is this just a figure of speech? Actually, hair loss in September is a very common phenomenon. Why does hair fall out in autumn? Let us find out together and see possible remedies.

Losing hair in autumn

Hair falls out throughout the whole year, but mostly during season changes, especially in spring and autumn. Around 20-30 % more hair is lost during this period. This is a phenomenon that may cause concern, but there is no need to be alarmed as it is a normal physiological changeover lasting only a few weeks. Of course, if hair loss is more intense, one should make sure that the problem is indeed physiological. If you notice that the ratio of the anagen (growth) phase is lower than the telogen (resting-loss) phase, you may find yourself in an abnormal hair loss situation.
As we have seen, hair growth is a cyclic mechanism, but autumn hair loss in particular follows the rhythm of nature: plant and animal organisms adapt to falling temperatures. Just as trees lose their leaves and animals their fur, humans tend to lose their hair more than in the normal physiological cycle.

Hair loss after summer

Even in summer, hair loss can be more intense. Hair loss in hot weather is mainly due to the weakening of the scalp due to scalp dehydration following excessive exposure to the sun. Hair, subjected to great stress, thus tends to weaken and break.

Causes of hair loss

In general, there can be many causes of hair loss. As we have said, it is mainly a matter of normal natural hair turnover. There may be more intense periods due to other factors, but these are not related to seasonality. First of all stress: stress and hair are in fact intimately related. In times of high stress, the high amount of adrenalin also has an effect on the hair follicles.

Other causes may be:

  • hormonal alterations
  • thyroid problems
  • anemia
  • excess medication
  • trauma
  • poor diet
  • smoking

Remedies for hair loss

There are numerous specific products to slow down seasonal hair loss. Above all, these types of products and topical treatments help to fortify and energize the scalp to enable stronger and healthier regrowth. They stimulate hair growth by acting on the follicle’s stem cells. We recommend constant use of these products and complete treatment in the manner and timing suggested.
It is also advisable to stimulate the scalp’s microcirculation with a massage, always respect gentle brushing and limit excessive hair dryer and straightener temperatures. A correct diet can certainly contribute to reducing hair loss. Finally, avoid stress and excessive smoking.

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