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Does cutting hair really strengthen it?

It is believed and thought, perhaps only by hearsay, that cutting hair can serve to strengthen and make it stronger. Is this really the case? Let’s see together!

Cutting hair strengthens it: a myth to dispel

Cutting hair and asking the hairdresser for regular “trims” is certainly helpful in eliminating “split ends.” But does trimming really strengthen hair?
This belief is a myth that needs to be debunked. In fact, as we will see in ‘the last paragraph dedicated to the life cycle, hair grows from the follicle located in the skin. So cutting the ends does not serve to strengthen it or limit thinning, but it certainly helps to remove split ends.

Does cutting hair make it grow back faster?

Cutting hair, as we have seen, is good for eliminating split ends. However, it does not strengthen it or make it grow any faster. Cutting certainly facilitates growth, but it does not accelerate it. Among the factors that can slow growth are dry ends and split ends: they considerably weaken hair. Cutting is therefore the best solution.

What is the life cycle of hair

Hair growth is determined by the genetic factor and does not depend on how often we shorten our hair. Our hair follows a specific life cycle that can be divided into three phases:

  • Anagen or growth phase
  • Catagen or involution phase
  • Telogen or resting phase

The Anagen phase is the longest in the hair’s life cycle and determines its length. On average, it lasts from two to seven years and is influenced by genetic and sexual factors (in fact, it is longer for women and shorter for men). Hair during this phase when the follicle is in full proliferative activity can be said to grow 0.3-0.4 mm per day.

The Catagen phase lasts only 2-3 weeks during which the hair no longer elongates and the follicle stops its activity.

The Telogen phase corresponds to the period of about three months when old hair falls out and new hair has yet to begin regrowth. During the end of the Telogen phase, the Anagen phase resumes.

Therefore, to strengthen hair and make it grow properly, the best method is to not cut it frequrently. Sure, this can help to remove split ends and not weaken them. But hair continues to follow its own life cycle.
The best way is to take care of your hair with specific treatments and appropriate products, paying attention to your skin as well and following the advice of a professional.

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