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capelli tagliati male come poter rimediare

Bad haircut: How to fix it

Unhappy with your new haircut? Don’t panic! Fixing a bad haircut is almost always possible. Every bad haircut can be saved.

Bad haircut

It can happen that you’re not satisfied with your hairdresser’s work, either because they didn’t understand your needs or simply made a mistake while cutting. Sometimes, it’s the result of a DIY attempt or choosing a haircut unsuitable for you. Mistakes are human and not unsolvable, quite the opposite! Sometimes problems hide possibilities.

Bad haircut: different types of mistakes

There are different types of haircut mistakes: it may be a technical error. That is, the wrong cutting pattern, hair sticking out, or an imperfect cut.

Or it can be an aesthetic error: the haircut doesn’t suit the face’s physiognomy, or the client.

Or, as in most cases, it is a problem of misunderstanding between the professional and the client. Understanding each other well and explaining one’s needs and expectations before the haircut, is essential.

come rimediare a un brutto taglio
come rimediare a un brutto taglio

How to manage a bad haircut

Layering or tiyng up the hair? Cut even more? Add extensions? What to do?

First of all, if the haircut cannot be immediately fixed by the hairdresser, you should wait. Giving time at least one week to allow the hair to adapt to the new cut is not wrong. This is a good practice to follow all the time.

If the cut is too layered for example, consider changing the hair color to balance the look.

It is possible to cut even more: if you’re not satisfied with a long cut, switch to a bob or another shorter style to eliminate excessive volume.

In some cases, adding extensions can remedy an overly short cut, making it less drastic.

How to play with hairstyles and styling products

You can try with new hairstyles and hair accessories like headbands and clips. Finally, you can use styling products creatively to change the perception of the haircut.

By following these tips, you can turn a bad haircut into a stylish and manageable look.

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