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le acconciature in voga per il matrimonio

The most fashionable hairstyles for weddings

Is the long-awaited moment approaching? Have you already thought about everything, the location, the dress, the makeup but you are still undecided about the hairstyle? Here are some tips!
The wedding day is definitely an opportunity the bride to show off her beauty to the fullest. So let’s take a look at the main trend to feel at the top on your special day.
Let’s not forget that the hairstyle should perfectly match the dress, face and hair length. It also has to be in line with the style of the wedding.

Bridal hairstyles for short hair

Those with very short hair can embellish it with tiaras, crowns, accessories in tune with the wedding dress. For a bob cut there are definitely more possibilities including: opting for a light semi-wrap to be adorned with a tiara or working with the cut using color and enlivening it with ringlets or beach waves. Finally for long bobs a nice idea could be a side-swept hairstyle or a soft braid.

Bridal hairstyles for those with long or curly hair

Long hair is definitely the most versatile and allows plenty of room for imagination and the perfect hairstyle choice. In fact, one can also create and original collection created by a hairstyle master that can last and remain intact throughout the course of the day. You can choose a simple or more elaborate semi-wrap, a chignon, a braid. In short, the tips your hairstylist can give you are many: the important thing is that the hairstyle is always in line with the mood of the wedding and the style of the dress and make-up.
Curly hair, on the other hand, seems to be the most difficult to style for the “yes” day. Actually, it is much easier and simpler to deal with than it may seem. In fact, it lends itself to fluffy and voluminous hairstyles embellished with crowns, rhinestones, bon ton decorations or flowers.

Pulled back hair or chignon

The chignon is a timeless evergreen that can transcend any trend of the moment.
Elegant, classic, sumptuous, it suits every style. It is undoubtedly one of the most beloved classic hairstyles, especially for those who have chosen a princess-style dress. The chignon can be accompanied by headbands, beads or glitzy, glittery tiaras.
Vintage and Boho chic model collections are a current trend in the landscape of bridal hairstyles: they are particularly suitable for country chic weddings with romantic features, bucolic atmospheres and with a bit of vintage.

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